Ideosource’s first and exciting portfolio is to invest in TouchTen, a mobile game developer from Jakarta on August 23, 2011. Ideosource believes in TouchTen to incubate and grow the company with an investment size up to US$ 1 million to lead in the gaming industry market. Run by a group of young-talented-individuals with their passion in game and digital entertainment, TouchTen with Ideosource aim to become the biggest mobile game developer and publisher in Indonesia.

With the expertise of Ideosource in the digital IT industry, it empowers TouchTen to bring more of its games to the global stage. Touchten has already had several games published, such as Hachiko HD in iPad. Mentioned by the Google Chairman, Eric Schmidt, during his keynote in Regional Entrepreneur Summit in Bali, Hachiko has quickly become a top ten app in Japan, US and Indonesia. Besides Hachiko, Sushi Chain (iPhone and iPod) is another of its famous games. That was downloaded across the world, racking up a two million downloads within a just a year.

Now TouchTen has released its newest game for iPhone and iPod Touch, called Hiyoko, which has also got an App Store hit.


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