If You Think Indonesia’s e-Commerce Market Is Perplexing, You Haven’t Done Your Research


From : DailySocial

Several days ago Quartz published an article about the state of the e-commerce industry in Indonesia. The article pointed out the quirky characteristics of the Indonesian market which contribute to the challenges for anyone wishing to operate an online commerce venture in the country. Andrias Ekoyuono of startup incubator Ideosource and Magnus Ekbom of e-commerce giant Lazada weigh in on the matter.

Lily Kuo mentioned in her Quartz article that Indonesia’s large internet population and widespread mobile usage “make it ripe for a big bang in e-commerce”. However, she said that the market isn’t as clear cut as it may seem to be due to a number of factors, making it a “perplexing e-commerce frontier”.

Andrias Ekoyuono disagrees with this notion. “I think the specific matters that occur in any market cannot be considered confusing but certainly adapting to markets is a compulsory undertaking in any line of business. Besides, the current conditions seems to have been laid out well enough”.

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