Our Values

As a guiding principles for founders and partners, these are our values:

  • Integrity above all else, the responsibility to the consumers we serve, the companies we built, and to all the stakeholder is the utmost that we value. Integrity is always putting interests of your team members / employees, customers before your own.
  • Candid self learning is an important trait to founders, the ability to self reflect from the mistake and getting feedback from peers is a sign of maturity.
  • Innovative founders are willing to fail and misunderstood. They will do incremental innovation by making every process a little bit better, like finding defects and eliminating them
  • Companies is built during good and bad times. And when founders need to face a decision, they are able to persevere. Sometimes stubborn enough to stick with the original vision that he/she believes yet open for ideas and input from others.
  • Focus on spending time and energy into activities that are the most effective for your business and its success. It’s too easy to get off track with your investment, your time, and your energy. Don’t be trapped to become industry celebrity.
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