Touchten Celebrates 4th Anniversary, “Train Legend” Featured on Google Play’s Anniversary


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Jakarta-based gaming company Touchten recently celebrate their 4th birthday just about the same time with Google Play’s 1st anniversary. One of Touchten’s game Train Legend also conveniently got featured by Google Play for their birthday together with big companies such as Disney and Square Enix. In fact, Touchten is the only Indonesian developer that got the privilege.

Touchten CEO Anton Soeharyo said, “This is a nice birthday surprise for Touchten, we celebrate this milestone and are more determined to make Indonesia proud both locally and internationally. Thank you Google Play team and happy birthday!”. So far, Touchten has produced 15 game titles for the past 4 years, “and we’re planning to release more games within this year” said the company in a statement. Anton claims that almost half of its game titles got featured in App Store’s top 10 apps.

Founded in 2009, Touchten received seed investment from local incubator Ideosource led by Andi S Boediman. Focusing on smartphone platforms iOS and Android, Touchten’s most popular game is probably Sushi Chain which has been downloaded more than 2 million times. End of last year, Touchten also announced distribution partnership with China-based Yodo1 in order to push their games Infinite Sky and Sky Beauty to Chinese market.

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