What We Believe

We believe great companies are made by giving trust and empower exceptional founders with unique insight as they take the seed of promise and growth it into amazing enduring companies.

The 5 most critical factors that dictate company scalability are:

  • Founders are the most important in startups. They make the decisions, set the vision and inspire people to work harder for a group’s goals. It can be a single founder or team that complement each other.
  • Access to Capital will give a chance to grow very fast and create a defensible position towards the business. So the ability for a founder to do a fundraise is almost as important as the quality of the idea itself.
  • Hiring the Best people is more critical than ever. Education will filter out profile and shape the mindset, the company they worked will shape people’s skill set and network.
  • Having a technology that your competitors cannot replicate is the most effective way to build a defensible business. It is expensive & time-consuming. Most startups don’t have a technology differentiator in the beginning. It needs tech know-how from founders and/or huge amounts of investment pumped in for periods of time.
  • Analytical Mindset in scalable startup is started by selecting a diverse group who are analytical and creative in equal measures and have networks that are as broad and as deep as their skill sets. This analytical function needs to be incorporate as part of the organisation.
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